Electronic Starters

We supply only OKOSTART electronic starters.  Innovative German designed technology and years of research have led to this breakthrough in increasing fluorescent tube life. 


OKOSTART electronic starters will save time, money and the environment by extending tube life up to double that of standard “flicker” starters.  All OKOSTART starters come with a 10 year replacement guarantee and are designed to last 20 plus years.

  • flickering

  • By using electronic starters- a faulty flickering tube like the one shown on the left is shut down instantly.

  • goodlight

  • The image to the left shows how a tube starts with an OKOSTART electronic starter- softly and instantly.

11 great reasons to buy OKOSTART electronic starters

  • 10 year replacement guarantee
  • No flicking or flashing of tubes EVER
  • Up to double tube life compared to “flicker” starters
  • Tube replacement costs up to halved
  • Starter replacement costs virtually eliminated
  • Instantly shuts off faulty tube– no more flashing tubes
  • Reduces wear on ballasts
  • Passes and/or exceeds relevant Australian/NZ compliance standards
  • German design and engineering– made in Mauritius
  • Suitable for energy management switching
  • Very attractive pricing 

Matching starters to tube types

  • oko6

    OKO 6 model for most commercial tube fittings. Starts fluoro’s in around 2 seconds.

    Suitable for:

    • 4-125W linear T5/T8/T12  
    • 10-38W 2D 
    • 11W PLS 
    • 10-26W PLC 
    • 18-36W PLL 
    • 20-60W circular lamp; U-tube 

    OKO 6 is not suitable for twin 15W and 18W series fittings 

  • oko2

    OKO 2 model for “series” tube fittings. e.g. twin 600mm (2ft). Starts fluoro’s in around 2 seconds.

    Suitable for:

    • 4-8W linear T5 
    • 10-20W linear single lamp; twin series lamps
    • 5W PLS 
    • 7-9W PLS 
    • 18W PLL
    • 22W circular
  • turbo

    TURBiO model for most domestic tube fittings. Starts fluoro’s In less than 1 second.

    Suitable for:

    • 4-65W linear T5/T8/T12 
    • 10-38W 2D 
    • 5-11W PLS 
    • 10-26W PLC 
    • 18-36W PLL 
    • 18W PLL 
    • 20-60W circular and U-tubeTurbio

    Turbio is not suitable for twin 15w and 18w series fittings

Conventional “flicker” starters 

Used in areas and lighting applications where medium lifespan of tubes is required.  Our Radium branded 4-65Watt and 4-22Watt “flicker” starters are fully tested and comply with relevant Australian Standards (A.S. 60155).

Electronic Starters, save up to 50% – with tube purchase

Quantity 2 to 99 100+
Smart technology provides a “soft start” for tubes which increases tube life and eliminates any flickering. German designed and come with a 10 year replacement guarantee $5.50*ea Inc. GST $5.00*ea Inc. GST

*Special price subject to purchasing same quantity of Spectralux tubes.

Electronic Starter – without tube purchase

Quantity: 1-9 10-49 50+
OKOSTART electronic starters Models: OKO 6, OKO 2, TURBiO
Buy 5 or more starters and we’ll promptly ship FREE to anywhere in Australia. To buy online click on shop link at bottom
*Prices are in AUD and include GST
$11.00ea Inc. GST $9.50ea Inc. GST $8.50ea Inc. GST

Conventional “flicker” starters*

Conventional “flicker” starters German made to A.S. 60155 $2.20ea Inc. GST

*with or without tube purchase

Purchase starters online.