These L.E.D. globes will improve light quality AND save lots of power!

  • The Daylyte brand of L.E.D globes is now a trusted Australian brand –

    1. Guaranteed to last for up to five years
    2. Thousands of globes fitted into Australian homes and businesses since 2012
    3. All 7 watt globes utilizing CREE, Philips and Osram components
    4. Easily the most comprehensive range of retrofit globes in Australia
  • Why Swap to Daylyte L.E.D Globes? Daylyte Specifications PDF
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See the light!

Using direct replacement L.E.D. globes is now a smart choice when it comes to saving energy – and the light output doesn’t need to be compromised. Using Daylyte L.E.D. globes compared to a standard 50w halogens means a MASSIVE 86% reduction in energy costs.

  • 7w Daylyte globes are easily retro-fitted into most existing down lights
  • 7w, low voltage (12v) globes will also fit into most existing downlight gimble / holder
  • Using a 7w globe will save 86% on energy costs compared to a standard 50w halogen globe
  • Daylyte globes can last for years and come with very long replacement guarantees

Beautifully crafted L.E.D. globes designed to last – fitted and explained by a team of service focused professionals.

Swap these common globes to Daylyte L.E.D. globes.


Daylyte Smart Adaptors.

Using ceramic adaptors allows easy retro-fitting of existing Edison screw and bayonet globes. Each adaptor costs $4.00ea. Available in Edison screw (E27), Bayonet (B22) and small Edison base (E14).



Daylyte globe pricing and specifications



1 to 9

10 to 29



Daylyte, 7w, 12v globe

$45.50ea incl. GST

$44.50ea incl. GST

$43.80ea incl. GST


Daylyte, 7w, 240v GU10 globe

$46.90ea incl GST

$45.90ea incl. GST

$45.20ea incl. GST

Globe Replacement Guarantees

Daylyte globes are guaranteed to last from 3 to 5 years depending on globe type and whether home or office use except where globes are left on 24/7 then 2 year replacement guarantee applies. See conditions and product warranties.

  • Daylyte L.E.D. globes come in three colours:
  • Daylyte Natural (Cool, 6000k)
  • Daylyte Sunset (Mid Warm, 4100k)
  • Daylyte Warm (Warm, 3100k)
  • (Daylyte Warm colour is +$1.50 per globe).
See full globe options and specifications here

Globes are NOT available from our online store. Phone us for a home or office trial before purchasing. Home fitting service for purchased globes is + $3.30 per globe incl. GST.

The Daylyte range is not dimmable – ask us about our dimmable L.E.D. products.

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